Lacey Beaty“As a hard-working community volunteer, I know I am prepared and ready to serve Beaverton as a City Councilor. As a first time candidate, I am humbled by the support I’ve received from across Beaverton. Please look at the overwhelming community support for my campaign. I will serve Beaverton with great pride!”

–Lacey Beaty

As a mom, wife, military veteran, and avid community volunteer I care deeply about Beaverton- because it’s more than just a great city, it’s my home. I have lived a life of commitment; serving in the army as a combat medic in Iraq taught me compassion, and how to work with others to accomplish a mission. I bring passion and sincerity in everything that I do and make decisions that I know will not only affect me, but my next door neighbor.

“Lacey will provide an important voice currently missing from City Council. The voice of a Veteran, the voice of a younger generation, the voice of a specialist in organizational leadership. We need Lacey’s point of view and energy. Please join me, vote for Lacey.”

–Mark Fagin, Beaverton City Council President

Build Community Partnerships

My strongest interpersonal skill is the ability to network beyond boundaries. I have the practical experience to bring multiple groups or individuals together that might not otherwise connect on their own. Networks of communities can do great things, and most often the missing piece is a leader who can organize and facilitate positive relationships. Beaverton is not an island; we need the help and support of our community partners to accomplish great things for our city. Beaverton deserves outstanding leadership – I will provide that leadership.

“The City of Beaverton is growing and changing and needs strong city leaders who listen to the community. Lacey understands how important small business is to the community feel of Beaverton. We need compassionate and respectful leaders like Lacey Beaty, who listen and can respond to the concerns of small businesses like mine.” 

–Emily, Emily Andrews Portrait Design

Create a Vibrant Downtown

The citizens of Beaverton asked for a vibrant downtown during the Community Vision outreach and again affirmed the need when voters passed the urban renewal plan. By building an enjoyable, thriving downtown core, we can attract new and exciting businesses that not only enhance our quality of life, but bring many new jobs as well.

Keep Beaverton Safe

My husband and I moved to Beaverton because it was, and continues to be the safest city in Oregon. I will do everything in my power to ensure that our police and firefighters have the resources necessary to do their job.

“Lacey’s military service gives her unique perspective on the personal and physical demands required of police officers. This allows her to be well informed as to what our needs as police officers truly are. Her communication style is direct, focused and refreshing. You know you are hearing what she thinks and not what she thinks you want to hear. Her vision of what Beaverton can be is inspiring and we are proud to support her.”  

–Beaverton Police Association Executive Board

Keep the Public in City Government

The Beaverton Community Vision heard from over 5,000 people who shared their ideas and aspirations for the future of our city. We must follow through and act on actions as requested. People want their voices heard and it is the council’s job to listen respectfully and make sure we deliver.

“Lacey is a do-er. She is thoughtful, listens well, gets informed and gets things done. Her enthusiasm for seeing the Beaverton Community Vision come to life is motivating and exciting.”

–Lorraine Clarno, President, Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce